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SkyWheels Poland

R-series SkyWheels
T he   G i a n t   W h e e l s   P r o d u c t   D e s c r i p t i o n

The SkyWheels Ltd. offer is based only on proven solutions. Thoroughly analyzed tourist standing alone attractions available on the market such as giant wheels, we are of the opinion that the Dutch Wheels company's products are the best offer of available solutions on the market.

Dutch Wheels has a long history in manufacturing giant wheels. In the 80-ies, wheels have been produced for attraction parks and fairgrounds. This market for so-called park wheels has been abandoned by the manufacturer and at the moment Dutch Wheels is targeting the stand alone giant wheels market with its R-Series containerized products.

Next to the containerized wheels together with Dutch Wheels we can provide constructed or destination wheels in sizes ranging from 100 to 165 meter. These large wheels require significant investment and there are not many locations in the world that would provide an interesting business case for this product range. Our main focus thus is on containerized R-series wheels.



The R-series product range has been designed and refined over the years to become the most well developed giant wheel available today. The R-series wheels have proven themselves to be safe, economical to run, and great performers in the world's premier locations; from Dubai to Beijing, from Niagara Falls to the heart of Paris, from London's Hyde Park to Gothenburg's harbor and Cape Town's waterfront cafes. The wheel is an ideal centerpiece for any major real estate development or urban entertainment area.

R-Series Product Range

The R-Series is available in a stationary SV type and a traveling SP type version, can be executed with half the maximum amount of gondolas and comes in 3 sizes. The table below provides an overview and a link to the product specifics for each product type: